Gierle (B) - BRC CAC Clubshow : May 1st 2011
(photo's by Chris De Meyer)

Another unforgettable day for kennel No Hills!

CAC dog and BOB Whistlestar's Itou - CAC bitch Hille No Hills
judge Mrs. V. Jones

Photo Carla Pronk

Little Koffee had her first outing in baby class and went second very promising!

Hille won open class and later on she took the CAC!
She was also awarded Top Winning Golden 2010 at this show!

Hotline won breeders class!

Xmiley won veteran class and later on went Best veteran in show
at the tender age of thirteen years!

Goe gedaan blokkie blok!

Impossible of Golden Orf went third excellent in intermediate class...

... his sister Incredible of Golden Orf went four excellent in intermediate class!
Both are children of Ch. Guldruschen's Winter Collection!

Well done my friends!


Lich (D) - Special Zuchtschau DRC: September 4th 2010
(photo's by Chris De Meyer)

We had an unforgettable day!

Impossible of Golden Orf and Chris took the Junior CAC!
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah Pjotter!

His father Ch. Guldruschen's Winter Collection and Chris took the reserve CAC in champion class and gained his last point for his German title! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah Mats!

Hotline No Hills had her first outing in open class and took the CAC!
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah Mette!

Hille No Hills took the CAC in intermediate class and......................

went BOB and.................................

went BIS!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah Hille!


World Dogshow 2010 at Herning (DK)
(photo's by Chris De Meyer, Conny De Man and Lotta Andersson)

Once again we had some great time with some great friends, old ones and new ones!

Our vacation house in the little village called Gettrup.

The sea was never far away.

Harry and Belle had their own fan club!

Our girls Fiesta and Mette performed at their very best!

Showlife can be very tiresome for people and dogs!


Turnhout (B) - BRC CAC Clubshow: June 20th 2010
(photo's by Chris De Meyer)

Guldruschen's Winter Collection went BIS! What a day!

Hille No Hills went 3th excellent and Havana No Hills went 4th excellent
in intermediate class!

Guldruschen's Winter Collection winning the CAC and best dog!

Impossible of Golden Orf, son of Guldruschen's Winter Collection went best junior!
Congratulations Chris and Pjotter!


Wels (A) - Doubleshow CACIB: December 5th and 6th 2009
(photo's by Ch. De Meyer and C. De Man)

Two days show, two CACA's and a resCACIB! Well done Mette Trompette!

Gucci took a 3° excellent and a CACA and her mother Ch. Chanel van de Klaverhoeve
also took two CACA, a resCACIB and a CACIB! Good job mum!

Saint Nicholas celebrated by the Austrians!

Someone we know?

Have you been a good girl Conny?

We were good!

The last customers in the weinstube!

Swimming in the moonlight, after another enjoyable day!