World Dogshow 2008 at Stockholm (S)
(photo's by Ch.De Meyer)

No great results (as expected), but compensated by some
great time with some great friends!

Our ferry from Germany to Denmark.

What is better then a picnic with a beautiful view at Lake Vättern...

... looking at the ruins of the 16th century castle Brahehus near Gränna,
where we head to buy the famous candy, the "polkagris". Yummy!

Hotel Connect in Arlanda, north from Stockholm.

Bed approved, boys?

Chris and Gepetto at the CAC Breed Club Show in Kungsängen.

Conny and Easy at the same show.

Mats giving the best of himself.

Belgium-Holland: always fun!

Mats and his Guldruschen family!

A great day, followed by a great sunset.

On the way home we visited Huskvarna, with it's old houses, near the factory...

...the big giant Jätten Vist, made out of wood...

...the herb house.....

...Lake Vättern.

And what keeps them so attentive?

It's the family duck!

Hotel Scandic in Helsingborg.

Another great day, everyone tired, but enjoying the nice dinner.

On our way to Malmö.

Öresundbridge to Denmark.

Some great views in Denmark, maybe we will come back
to this country in 2010 ???? Who knows ???


Golden Clubshow Örenäs (S): September 9th 2007
(160 entries)

Slott Örenäs.

Guldruschen's and No Hills fraternizing.

Exquise had an excellent out of 33 bitches,
Mats had an excellent out of 25 dogs and enjoyed a well deserved break.

...... and party girl Fiesta No Hills kept our flag high by gaining
a fifth place in puppy class bitches.

SKK Nationell Sofiero (S): September 8th 2007
(116 entries)

Guldruschen's Winter Collection: open class 3° excellent with CK out of 16 dogs.

Exquise No Hills: in an open class of 34 bitches 2° excellent with CK
and fifth best bitch!

Our little party girl Fiesta No Hills took fourth place out of 10 puppy bitches!

.....and once again Elliot, Guldruschen's Business As Usual
(Rossmix Hard To Get x Guldruschen's Rocksteady Love) went BOB!

...... which we had to celebrate with a champagne party!


GRCB Clubshow: August 12th 2007
(photo's by H. Blancke)

Fiesta "Mexicana" won puppyclass! Good job silly girl!

Fortissimo got a very good, we love him anyway, our "red" one!

Mats got an excellent in champion class.

Leuven (B):Lovaniumtrophy August 5th 2007

Guldruschen's Winter Collection took the CAC, BOB and went Best of Group 8!

Exquise No Hills took the res. CAC, well done Kissy!

Brussels (B): June 23th 2007

Guldruschen's Winter Collection won the champion class.
(photo by H. Blancke)

GRCN Clubmatch(NL): May 17th 2007

Guldruschen's Winter Collection: 4° excellent champion class.

Xmiley No Hills: 3° excellent breeders class.

Young Dogs Day GRCB (B): April 9th 2007
(photo's by H. Blancke)

Walking is a piece of cake!........

.........but standing, that is still very difficult!
Fiesta No Hills: babyclass: 2° very promising.

Fortissimo No Hills: Minor Junior class: 3° excellent.

Exquise No Hills:Young Dogs class: 4° excellent.

Graz (A) - CACIB : March 10th 2007
(photo by K. Poeltl)

Mats gained his last point to become Austrian Champion!
1° excellent in open class with CACA, CACIB, BOB and 4th Best of Group!

Hoogstraten (B) - CACIB : Februari 24th 2007
(photo's by H. Blancke)

Xmiley: 1° excellent veteran class and Best Veteran all Breeds!

Exquise: 4° excellent intermediate class.

Mats: 3° excellent open class.