March 10th 2006: today our old lady, Pumpkin, celebrated her fifteenth birthday with pancakes!

What came first: "I refuse to look into your camera as long as
this silly thing stays on my head!"
Stubborn and old!

January 1st 2006: Exquise likes the champagne. Like father like daughter?

December 12th 2005: today was such a happy day: our sweet boy celebrated his second birthday!
Skäl Mats!

December 6th 2005: so many sad days, today we had to say goodbye to our Vienna,
the last of the Mohicans!

Esprit and Exquise No Hills: Sorry, every seat in the house taken!

The oldies, Pumpkin and Peaches: Sorry, this seat is also taken!

Axelle and Yogi: Sorry, seat taken!

Best way to clean the jam jar!

April 1st 2005: today is another sad day,
our Jamie suddenly passed away.

March 16th 2005: today is a sad day,
we had to say goodbye to our Uschi.

March 10th 2005: today is a happy day,
we celebrated Pumpkin's fourteenth birthday!

Yogi in the sink: the best place to escape from puppies!

Romy and uncle Guinness.

Only-One and her daughter Xibelle.

Pumpkin and her daughter Xmiley.

Lord of the manor: Yogi Bear the British Shorthair!

Woodland Paradise Guinness, brother of our Peaches.

Spring 1999: three generations, Xibelle, mum Belle and grandma Jolly.

Spring 1999: three generations, Xmiley, mum Pumpkin and grandma Lisje.

Spring 1999: our three Bernese Mountain dogs: Vienna, Uschi and Qirstien.

Dutch and International Champion Maika van't Buyckxhof, mother of
Qirstien and Uschi, grandmother of Vienna.

Speedy Gonzales, own breeding!